Sunday, July 18, 2010

Keep Portland Weird

Yep, there it was, right across the street from VooDoo Doughnuts. And they're proud of it. I will concede it's true on a certain level, but let's face it. We live on the outskirts of LA. We know weird. But along with weird, many of the other things I noticed in Portland were how it's brimming with art, of every kind. Everywhere. On walls of buildings, in store fronts, on people. And Portland's active. More people were out and about in the rain than I see most sunny days in my city. They say in Portland if you don't go out in the rain you'll never go out. Which I also can testify to, since we only had one day out of six with no rain (almost, until around 9 pm when it just couldn't stand it anymore). But you know what that rain brings, don't you? Flowers. Beautiful, abundant flowers. Waterfalls. The greenest forests you'll ever see. Gardens filled with robust vegetables. Trees heavy-laden with branches of fresh-as-you-can-get-it fruit. And let's not forget the beautiful old buildings of downtown, washed fresh and clean in the morning rain. And the food? Portland is passionate about their food, whether it be organic fare or the cholesterol-packing punch of the Pine State Biscuits "The Reggie" (fried chicken, bacon and cheese on a biscuit topped with sausage gravy!). Portland may be weird, but if that's part of the package, I'll take it. Inspiration there is at it's finest, and I love being inspired. What does all this have to do with The Pomegranate Basket or specialty invitations? Nothing... Or maybe everything. The same enthusiasm with which Oregonians (?!) pursue their passions is ours when we set out to create that perfect invitation, be it your storybook wedding, a darling daughter's Sweet 16, your beloved spouse's 50th, 60th -- you name it! Life is full of good things. We like to think we have a part in bringing those good things to light through the occasions we help to mark.

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