Saturday, January 14, 2012

Marissa Engagement

Tammi's niece is getting married in February!  We are so excited for her and her fiancé.  Every day we learn a little bit more about our business, and we've even added a couple more suppliers to our already wonderful group of vendors, so we've been looking forward to putting together something special for Marissa for a few months now.

Of course an engagement party is always a fun way to celebrate the couple's happy announcement, so several of her aunts got together and threw one!  It's also a good time for families that may not know each other well or maybe even have never met to have introductions made in a casual party atmosphere.  We started with these cute invitations -- simple but in a nontraditional size and sent in a business style envelope with a unique label.

And what better way to decorate than with paper?!  We took Marissa's wedding color choices of silver, gold, and white and put a casual twist on it with the color scheme of gray, yellow, and white.  

On the front doors...

The entryway...

The dessert table...

Congratulations to an adorable couple!

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