Friday, March 7, 2014


In case you haven't noticed, we've made a few changes around here. Last fall we decided to get our sweet little paper company branded.

We initially didn't have any intention of changing our name, but the more we got into the process the more we realized that we needed our name to reflect more of what we do. So, as you can see, we are now...
We are so, so pleased with our new name and logo. It fits us like a glove, and we thank the talented team at Hey, Sweet Pea for guiding us through the process and for their brilliance in catching and expressing our vision. What a fun and exciting process!!

We are still in the process of changing our website over to our new name (working with the brilliant Crosshatch Creative and talented Zezo Design), so we will keep you up to date as we move along with the switch. 

New year, new name, and and whole new set of people to meet and create for. We are looking forward to a wonderful year! We would love for you to follow along with us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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