Monday, April 26, 2010

Walk, Talk, and Business

We have our business meetings in the most beautiful of places. We've been walking in the early morning for years now. When the kids were young, we got up early because it was the only time of the day we could fit it in. Now, even with no kids in the house, we walk early for the same reason. Still busy, just different busy-ness. So we get up before dawn and drive up to Big Sky to walk the wide sidewalks the weave their way through the beautiful Simi hills. This is where we hammer out the solutions to all of life's problems -- okay. Maybe not ALL of life's problems. But I tend to think that over the years, our walks have been physical therapy and mental therapy, exercise for the body as well as the mind.
Lately we have been having our "business meetings" in these early morning hours. We are able to talk things through without much interruption, save the welcome distraction of some of our favorite things -- bunnies, finches, and the one quail that always seems to panic when we come by. It's clear why we are so inspired. We get a healthy dose of the beauty of God's creation every morning we walk. What can go wrong with a day that begins with this and ends with this?

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