Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What We're Loving: Perfect Places

Perfect places. 

 Well, that's where we are right now, figuratively and literally.  One of us is a vintage girl that loved it long before it was all the rage. 
So appropriate that she's in Seattle, a hotbed for all things classically antique. 

The other, who has loved anything and everything French since learning her first "bonjour," is in Paris.  Need we say more?  But more important are the reasons we're in those cities:  our girls.  We are blessed to have two of the most amazing daughters you could ever ask for:  strong, independent, brilliant, and oh, so talented.  They are, in so many ways, our partners in creativity.  Their spot-on critiques are always welcome and they have introduced us to some of our best sources of inspiration.

So excuse us while we get a little recharge both physically and creatively.  We'll be back at our craft with new ideas and enthusiasm soon!

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