Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ida Marie

My aunt's 80th birthday is right around the corner, and her husband and kids are giving her a party.  They asked us to do the invitations.  We thought it would be neat to go back and see if we could use any photos of her {back in the day}.

So we're browsing through the photos...

...Sweet                                                                                           ...Coy

...Brainy                                                                                                      ...Big Hair...Yikes!



WAIT A MINUTE...back to *Family*

{Oh my word}  Look at that face!  Have you ever seen anyone more satisfied with themselves?!  And who wouldn't be, with a *bow* like that!

Yep.  That's the one we used.  No contest.

Invitation photos to follow:)

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Donna said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful family photos!!