Thursday, April 14, 2011

We've Got Perks {Oh, yes, we do!}

There we were, finishing up our Pomegranate road trip, stocking up on the most lovely paper you can imagine, when we were *audibly* reminded by our stomachs {in unison, mind you!} that we had gone four {4!} hours without eating!  Possibly a new record.

We both knew instantly that meant a business lunch was beckoning us in Old Town Pasadena!!  Old Pas, for you Southern California girls.

A favorite of ours HAPPENED to be right around the corner, Le Pain Quotidien.  We enjoyed tartines, and ordered, to go, a duo chocolate mousse *thingy* as our proverbial carrot, since our to do list is longer than our day.  And we do our best work after chocolate.  Are we alone here?

It's become a side note now, even though it was our original task, but we did find gorgeous paper.  Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming post featuring our finds!

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Natalia Lynn said...

I love it! You guys are so great! Super cute!