Monday, April 11, 2011

Inspiration: Paris-to-New-York Flight Friend

So last month when I (Tammi) was on my way home from Paris, we flew on a 747.  I don't expect any of you to know anything about a 747.  The only reason I do is because I was flying with my sister-in-law who occasionally over the course of our trip let her anxiety over flying spill out into our conversation.  Worries like whether the plane was large enough or if we would have enough fuel to make it over the ocean (!) were among her concerns. 

But all that is to say that a 767 has three seats across in the row by the windows.  So I was squished between my husband, who always get the aisle, and a young woman in the window seat.

I thought about not being social and just minding my own business, but I am my father's daughter, and the genetic impulse won out and I started a conversation with my row-mate.

It turns out she is a stylist that lives in Manhattan who was returning from a photo shoot in Paris.  Oh, what fun!  Visions of Julia Ormond laying a scarf at the feet of two models in front of the Eiffel Tower filled my head.  {If you didn't see it, the movie is Sabrina, the 1995 version, one of my personal favorites, with Harrison Ford, Julia, and Greg Kinnear.}

After probably a half an hour of me picking her brain on everything from living in Manhattan to what a stylist does to what she did in Paris, we got to the subject of what I did for a living.  Aside from my un-fun job (court reporting), I told her about our invitation business.  Turns out, she spends time every day surfing the Internet looking for ideas for her wedding.  She's been dating her boyfriend for five years, and they are not engaged yet, but boy is she going to be ready!  We got my husband to bring down her computer from the overhead compartment, and she started showing me all the ideas she loves for her own wedding.  What fun!!  The photos below show one of her favorite ideas.  I hope she gets to use it someday!

We eventually exchanged email addresses, and she promised to keep me posted with any ideas for cards she thought I might like, and she certainly hasn't disappointed!  Can you believe what a stroke of luck?  I have a new interesting friend and an incredible resource for ideas who is willing to send those ideas right to my inbox for my inspiration!

All I can say is thanks, Dad, for passing down the gene that *knows no stranger*!

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